How will Nambison’s Homeo Zone Start Treatment?

Step 1:

Nambison’s Homeo Zone shall send you a detailed Questionnaire through e-mail, which has to be filled by the patient or the one who knows him/her closely.
OR you can also download it here (right click & save as) & send it as attachment to email to

Step 2:

Nambison’s Homeo Zone Shall appreciate if Photograph of patient, & his disease or affected body part is attached to it. The photograph helps to identify the physical constitution of the body, like for eg: Lean, thin, tall, stoop shouldered, fat, flabby, pthisical, stout, short etc. (It is advised that the face is hidden, so that patients identity is not disclosed)

Step 3:

Nambison’s Homeo Zone team of experienced expert doctors shall go through the details of the case. Then may ask for certain clarifications based on the inputs received in the Questionnaire to arrive at the gene mapping, personality categorization, diagnosis & to decide the line of treatment. These clarification can be sought through email, chat or phone with prior appointment with the Specialist Doctor.

Step 4*:

Nambison’s Homeo Zone on payment of a relevant fee (which shall depend on the disease condition and the severity of the disease taking into account the usual time taken for healing under usual circumstances) shall send the detailed line of treatment to be undertaken. (Extra charges are applicable if more than reasonable number of interaction/consultation take place.)

Step 5:

Nambison’s Homeo Zone shall review the status of the SICK patient every month & any negative change in symptom should immediately be reported to us.

* Nambison’s Homeo Zone as a part of its social commitment shall waive the consultation/profit in case of poor, needy, terminally ill senior citizens.