Herbal or Homeopathic preparations are simple form of medicines derived from natural sources. Therefore, ignoring the precautions may lessen the medicinal efficacy. Follow the below instructions to get optimum results.

  • Standard: Procure genuine medicine from reliable source.
  • Keep your mouth clean: Best way is to wash your mouth before you take medicine. Especially if you are a tobacco chewer, smoker or have any oral disease. Do not take anything except water 15 minutes before & 15 after taking the medicine.
  • Directly into your mouth, below the tongue: the best way is to open the cap & directly put it under the tongue. Or take the medicine into the cap/spoon or clean plain paper then take it. There are lots of tiny blood vessel below the tongue which absorbs the medicine for faster action. Avoid touching the medicine.
  • Bitter then better mix water: If the medicine is bitter then it is better to mix it with water or honey.
  • Bad habits is a total NO: Do not smoke, chew tobacco or any form of drugging while you are taking medicines, as it may have nullifying effects on the medicines. However, alcohol in 30-60 ml/week is permissible. All in all it is better to avoid all kinds of addiction which in itself will cure many of your symptoms.
  • What to take; what not to take?: There is no specific diet restriction for taking medicine. But, dietary restrictions may apply to specific disease, which you should strictly follow.
  • Tea-Coffee is a routine to many people. With recent research studies it has been explained that if you follow: not to have anything 15 minutes to half an hour before and after the medicine rule then coffee does no harm even if you are taking homeopathic medicines BUT for some homeopathic medicines coffee acts as an antidote; as there are medicines prepared by using coffee in the crude as well as in the roasted form. That is why your physician will be a right person to guide you whether coffee will do or not along with the homeopathic medicines you are taking.
  • Onion, garlic, ginger and other strong smelling substances: are best avoided 15 minute before & 15 minutes after the medicine. As the strong odour in the mouth can lessen the effect of medicine. Therefore, always wash your mouth before taking medicine.
  • Other medications:

Allopathic: if you are a blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy patient and if you are taking certain medicines for longer period of time then it is not advisable to stop the medicines abruptly as you may encounter problems. Once you start responding positively to homeopathic treatment then your homeopath will advise curtail down of your medicines. Always better to consult your physician before you take any decision.

How to store Homeopathic or Herbal Medicine?:

  • Light may lighten: Light may lighten or void the effect of medicine. Therefore, keep the medicines in dark & cool place (room temperature).
  • I am allergic to sun: Sun & its strong light mixed with its heat damages the property of medicine; in some case it may even change the medicinal property. Therefore, keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Other allergy list: Strong smell, radiation (atomic, TV, mobile, radio) or other gadgets emitting or receiving signals may alter/damage the medicine.
  • How old are you?: Usually these medicines have a long shelf life, but, mostly medicines are good till five years from the date of preparation, if stored properly.
  • Keep me tight: Some medicines have alcohol & some have distilled water as their vehicle, therefore, keeping the lid of the container tight is the most appropriate way to extend its shelf life.