Health Analysis: In this universe, we come across several basic units, which further builds up the whole. There are several trilogies of these basic units:

  1. Astrology: Past, present & future
  2. Ayurveda: Vata, pitta & kapha
  3. World: Heaven, earth & the underworld

& so on…In Homeopathic philosophy the trilogy of disease & the trilogy of thermal reaction holds the trick to CURE.


The trilogy of disease i.e. building block of disease, if diagnosed properly & accordingly medicated, can uproot the disease leading to CURE. These are:

  • Psora: Functional disturbance. (Without any structural change leading to presentation of symptom.) May present as redness, headache, sneezing etc.
  • Syphilis: Destruction of cells. May present as ulcer in mouth, caries, osteo-arthritis.
  • Sycosis: Multiplication of cells. May present as tumour, cancer, over-growth.

The above mentioned miasms can also present in combination.

These are the basic fault present in any diseased individual. The genetic code of a person determines the Miasm (basic fault). Diagnosis & mapping of the genetic code for the basic fault (miasm) in the body will lead us to select the appropriate line of treatment. Correction of this basic fault the body will correct the genetic code & hence get rid of the disease forever.

Diagnose your Miasm

Cessante Causa, Cessant Effectus – If the cause ceases the effects cease.

Disclaimer: This is a quick miasmatic diagnosis (suggestive of basic fault) which should be followed by a detailed diagnosis by a Natural/Homeopathic therapist. This however doesn’t replace the genetic coding/diagnosis done by modern medicine; hence consult your physician before deriving any conclusion/decision.


We have discussed the importance of trilogy in Nambisons miasmatic diagnosis. Next to miasmatic diagnosis comes thermal reaction of the body. Every person in this world reacts to temperature in a different way. Some people get fever after exposure to cold wind, some sneeze, and some get pain in throat. Yet some people are absolutely normal. Others may fall unconscious or start passing frequent motions or have headache on exposure to heat. Yet some people are unperturbed.

Human beings can be categorized into three thermal categories:

  • Chilly
  • Hot
  • Ambient

Identification of this thermal reaction along with the Miasm gives the healer the idea bout genetic make-up of the patient.

Diagnose your Thermals

Thus, on the basis of the above result the treatment is chosen according to the below table.

Table: Miasm and Thermal chart

Table: Miasm and Thermal chart